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Wisest Owl Candle

Wisest Owl Candle

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"as a spirit animal, owl is emblematic of intuitive knowledge and a deep and abiding connection with truth. If you find the owl showing up in your life, perhaps it's time to develop these aspects of yourself. From native american to celtic and ancient roman, many cultures have some form of symbolism attached to the significance of owls with overlapping traits between them.

It is near impossible to know which culture first associated owls with wisdom, truth, strategy as many culture’s mythologies was passed down through oral tradition. As far back as ancient rome, owls had significant cultural influence. A symbol of the goddess minerva, she was the goddess of strategic warfare, wisdom and justice, her ancient greek counterpart being athena who’s own emblem was also an owl among others. Some historians speculate that an owl’s ability to see in the dark to have been interpreted metaphorically as an ability to detect truth and wisdom. " form fluent

Measures 5.5"h x 3.25" at widest

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